A recent poll undertaken by Knill James shows that 86% of SMEs feel their business will survive the current crisis

According to the latest poll of SMEs conducted by Knill James in conjunction with the UK200Group, 13% of SMEs are concerned they cannot survive the current crisis but 48% believe they will, although they have 'written off' this year.

The poll was conducted amongst 432 SMEs across the UK in the third week of June 2020 and asked them what the future looks like for their business. One third of respondents indicated that business is pretty much as usual, 5% stated they are doing better than without the crisis, while 1% of SMEs say they will have to close.

The same question was asked of SMEs in April, at which time their outlook was far more pessimistic.

The poll highlights the remarkable resilience of SMEs in the UK. Despite everything that has been thrown at them in recent months, they are doing everything they can to be positive about the future. 

Poll Results

This poll was conducted between Monday 22nd and Thursday 25th June 2020.

The results are as follows:

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