Alternative Divorce Support

Family breakup and changing family circumstances bring financial change and new challenges.

Need to gather together your financial information and dreading it? We are here to help take the stress out of getting your financial affairs in order, so that you can then work with a financial advisor and have your paperwork all ready in advance:

This will…

  • Save you money;
  • Save you time: We help you know what is needed and how to present the information correctly;
  • Save you stress: We are specialists so we know what questions to ask, and what key actions you need to take to secure your financial future.

How do you know what a business is worth? Well, that's our job. We can tell you what a business is valued at, and provide advice on what you need to consider with regard to any related tax issues. By providing an accurate business valuation we take the guesswork out of your financial affairs and make negotiating a final financial settlement less stressful.

Don't want to get caught out by tax planning gone wrong? When you go through a divorce, for example, it is critical to deal with tax issues within the current regulations sooner rather than later. Many people make the mistake of not talking to tax specialists early on in the divorce process. We can help make sure you don't end up wishing you had come to talk to us earlier.

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