KJ Cloud

Imagine being able to access your accounts online, any time and any where...

Real-time online accounting

can completely change the way our clients do business – for the better


access your accounts at any time

Mobile friendly

use your phone or tablet to access your account


saving you valuable time and money and the ability to make timely decisions

Smart reports

view and share interactive reports

No downtime

no software updates as it is all on the cloud

At Knill James, we can advise you on the most suitable platform for your business so you don’t have to worry about how to get started. We offer two packages through our KJ Cloud portal, being Your E-accounting Solution - YES and Xero.

Both of these will help you to work smarter and faster, giving you a better overview of your business's finances with the benefit of performance improvement.

We have recently become a Xero Certified Advisor, having already established a Silver Partner status with this award-winning cloud accounting software.  Our skilled team can therefore expertly guide you through the process of using this innovative online service.

For more information and to discuss your options, contact our team who can advise the best route to take.

Your E-accounting Solution – YES

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