Corporate Finance

We provide corporate finance advisory and transaction support services to small and medium-sized businesses with a particular focus on advising owner-managed businesses.

Strategic financial and/or structuring advice

We offer strategic financial advice on all aspects of a company's growth, acquisition or disposal strategies. We help clients formalise their plans for their business by helping them to produce comprehensive budgets and forecasts, and by preparing detailed business plans.

Mergers and acquisitions

Whether you wish to grow your business by merging with another entity or through acquisition we will advise you through every stage of the process - identifying or researching potential targets, managing approaches to targets, conducting due diligence investigations, and negotiating and structuring the deal through to completion. We also offer post-acquisition advice and support

Business sales

If you are considering selling your business we can advise you on the steps you need to take to ensure you business is ready for sale, and therefore ready to achieve the best price. We will manage the transaction through to completion by advising on the best timing for sale, the likely value that could be achieved, identifying possible buyers, and negotiating with the purchaser on your behalf.

If you are not yet ready to sell your business we can also give advice on exit planning to ensure that, when you do decide to sell, your business is well placed to attract the best price.

Management buy-outs

The opportunity may arise for you to acquire the business you are managing. In order to ensure that the transaction is completed smoothly we will help structure the deal, negotiate a price, and guide you through the process. We are also able to conduct financial or commercial due diligence and can introduce you to lenders to enable you to raise the necessary finance.

Business valuations

We offer commercial business valuations for a variety of purposes - for owners who want to know how much their business is worth, companies that are looking to buy or sell, or shareholders who wish to exit a company or for tax purposes. Valuations can also be a useful business planning tool.

Due diligence

We carry out due diligence assignments in legal, financial, commercial and other areas. The reports we produce following our investigations enable a prospective acquirer or funder to make an informed judgement over the information they have been given about a business or potential investment. Due diligence is the term used to describe an investigation used to support the information you have been given to make your investment. We tailor our due diligence investigations to ensure the work carried out is specific to your requirements.

Public company preparation

For those considering raising capital for your business through the public markets, we can provide advice and assistance on preparing your business for flotation. We can assist you with project management, co-ordinating other advisors, and preparing the various admission documents. Following floatation we will work with you to help ensure you meet the continuing obligation under the AIM rules.

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