VAT was originally designed to be a simple tax, yet it has evolved into one of the most complex and burdensome tax regimes that businesses face. The result has been that businesses, charities and other organisations are left with a slew of questions. Clients often contact us with queries such as Should I be registered for VAT? How do I fill in this VAT return? Should I opt to tax a property? Can I claim all the VAT I incur? And is there any long term VAT planning that I should consider?

Whilst the answer to some of these questions are simple and straight-forward, others need specialist VAT advice from people who understand the relevant legislation, rules and regulations relating to VAT. Our expert team at Knill James is here to help, from guiding you through the initial registration through to the much more complex areas of applying VAT correctly.

With the implementation of Making Tax Digital (MTD) and the forthcoming introduction of the VAT reverse charge for construction services coupled with ongoing Brexit uncertainty, VAT understanding and planning have never been so pertinent.

To find out more about our VAT Advisory Services click here to view our help sheet.

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